Jeffrey Lichtman - high rated offense defence Attorney

Jeffrey Lichtman has been a criminal defence lawyer for over twenty-seven decades, participating primarily from the state and federal courts of New York. Beyond New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, he handles national cases, investigations and appeals throughout the country. His customers include those charged with white collar and non-white collar offences, such as RICO offenses, narcotics offences, money laundering, securities fraud, health care fraud, tax evasion and murder and murder conspiracy. Many of the cases and clients are known globally and are featured prominently in the media.

Jeffrey Lichtman

The Disability Law Office of Jeffrey Lichtman consists of Jeffrey, the managing director, in addition to an associate lawyer who Jeffrey have personally trained and support staff members who are very experienced in Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income claims. Together with his team, Jeffrey Lichtman dedicates to directing your situation successfully through the Social Security Disability system. He involves in every case in the workplace, no matter to which lawyer manages the hearing.

Jeffrey Lichtman is admitted to practice and watch customers in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, His method is limited to representing claimants for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI,) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in the administrative levels and in the federal courts, he additionally represents persons living in Delaware at the executive levels, but not in federal court, Jeffrey Lichtman is a regular lecturer on Social Security Disability Insurance and Social Security Income at seminars for a variety of organisations. To gather additional information on Jeffrey Lichtman please head to

Jeffrey Lichtman

We merely hear that which we understand to have happened, and occasionally what really happened could be a different story entirely. Criminal defense attorneys like Jeffrey Litchman signify the criminal side of this story, and that is what tips the scales of lawenforcement. For each evil, there must be great but when you're a lawyer, you don't have the freedom to select which side because your job is to ensure that the scales are balanced with equal weight on both sides.

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